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OnePlus is expected to launch its first foldable smartphone — OnePlus Open in India next month. Various online rumours suggest that the Chinese smartphone may launch its foldable smartphone — OnePlus Open on October 19. Before its launch in India, there were reports of Indian actress Anushka Sharma being seen using the OnePlus Open smartphone.
Popular tipster OnLeaks posted a video on X (formerly known as Twitter) in which Anushka Sharma can been seen using a foldable smartphone which is said to be the upcoming OnePlus Open. The smartphone features a large circular rear camera module which resembles other OnePlus smartphones available in the market.

OnePlus Open likely specs
Speculations regarding the upcoming OnePlus Open smartphone propose a potential triple rear camera arrangement, possibly incorporating a periscope lens to enhance zoom capabilities. Leaked information also hints at a side-mounted fingerprint sensor for convenient unlocking and a display designed with a punch-hole camera. These rumored features suggest an impressive photography experience, enhanced biometric security, and a contemporary display for the OnePlus Open.
Additionally, reports suggest that the smartphone will be powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and is anticipated to operate on the Android 13 OS with the customized OxygenOS Fold interface by the company, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.
As per tipster Max Jambor, the forthcoming OnePlus Open foldable smartphone is rumored to mirror the design of the Oppo Find N2, a device launched by the company in the previous year. In a tweet, Jambor noted the similarity in the form factor between the upcoming OnePlus Open smartphone and the Oppo Find N2. Additionally, there’s speculation that the foldable smartphone might feature a periscope camera enabling 3x optical zoom. The leak also suggests that OnePlus may release the foldable smartphone in two color variants – black and green.

A senior Google executive once likened the company’s search advertising business to selling drugs, calling it “one of the world’s greatest business models ever created” since the company can “ignore” users and focus on generating revenue from advertising.
Michael Roszak, vice president for finance at Alphabet Inc’s Google, wrote the notes during a July 2017 training Google offered on communications.
“Search advertising is one of the world’s greatest business models ever created,” Roszak wrote, adding that there were only “illicit businesses (cigarettes or drugs) that could rival these economics.”
Google’s business can effectively “ignore one of the fundamental laws of economics,” Roszak wrote, supply and demand. This allowed the company to “ignore the demand side of the equation (users and queries) and only focus on supply side of advertisers.”
Because Google “made smart marketing/distribution investments to get our product everywhere,” Roszak wrote, “we could essentially tear the economics textbook in half.”
The document was used as a piece of evidence in the Justice Department’s antitrust case against Google, challenging a series of contracts where Google pays web browsers and smartphone markets to be the default search engine. The government is seeking to prove that Google engaged in anticompetitive tactics to maintain its dominant position. Google denies the allegations.
Roszak testified at the Justice Department’s trial last week, but the government removed from the web public access to emails, charts and internal presentations after Google protested. The agency began reposting exhibits Wednesday after Judge Amit Mehta brokered a compromise to create a procedure for their posting. Roszak’s notes were only made publicly available late Thursday.
The notes were created for a course on communications, Roszak said last week, though he couldn’t recall if he gave a presentation on the subject. Roszak said he never sent the document to anyone else at Google.
“This whole document is full of hyperbole and exaggeration, because there was no business purpose associated with it, it was part of the presentations course and trying out some of the tips they were offering there,” Roszak said, adding that he was “saying things I don’t believe as part of the presentation in this course.”
Google’s lawyers repeatedly objected to the document being used in court, arguing that it wasn’t a business record. Mehta agreed to hear Roszak’s testimony about the exhibit in a sealed session.
A Google spokesman said the statements don’t reflect the company’s opinion and noted that they were drafted for a public speaking class in which the instructions were to say something hyperbolic and attention-grabbing. The witness testified he didn’t believe the statements to be true, the spokesman said.
“He was cosplaying Gordon Gekko,” Google lawyer Edward Bennett said, referring to the infamous character from the 1987 film Wall Street and likening it to a “skit” Roszak was asked to give in a training session.
The fight over the document spilled over more broadly in the case when the Justice Department took down all the exhibits it had previously made public.
Mehta ruled that the exhibit would be admitted, expressing frustration that Google had put him “in a pickle” since it insisted the testimony that would have provided context be held in closed session.
“This doesn’t contain anything confidential,” he said. “I understand it’s somewhat embarrassing for the witness.”
“Here you have somebody who is the director of finance, who albeit in a training session made the decision to make a mock presentation,” Mehta said. “These are not statements that would fall outside his wheelhouse.”
The next day, Google’s lawyers sought to redact part of the document, but Mehta denied their request and said he would unseal the portion of Roszak’s testimony related to it.

AMD has announced the Alveo UL3524 accelerator card which is a new fintech accelerator designed for ultra-low latency electronic trading applications. The new accelerator cardAlveo UL3524 is designed to offer proprietary traders, market makers, hedge funds, brokerages, and exchanges with a state-of-the-art FPGA platform for electronic trading at nanosecond speed.
Alveo UL3524 accelerator card: Features
AMD’s new Alveo card brings together hardware flexibility and ultra low latency networking on a production platform. It supports AI-enabled trading strategies, allowing users to accelerate custom trading algorithms in hardware, where traders can tailor their design to evolving strategies and market conditions.
AMD’s new accelerator card is helping to enable strategic partners to build custom solutions and infrastructure for the fintech market. These solutions can be used to improve the performance of a variety of fintech applications, including trading, risk management, and compliance. Some of the partner solutions that are currently available include offerings from Alpha Data, Exegy, and Hypertec. These solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different fintech businesses and can be tailored to specific applications.
What is an accelerator card
An accelerator card is a specialised circuit board that plugs into a computer to improve its performance. Accelerator cards are often used for graphics, video editing, and scientific computing. They can also be used to improve the performance of general-purpose applications such as web browsing and word processing. Accelerator cards typically contain specialized processors and memory that are optimised for the task they are designed to perform. For example, a graphics accelerator card will have a graphics processor that is designed to handle the rendering of graphics. A video editing accelerator card will have a video processor that is designed to handle the encoding and decoding of video. Accelerator cards can provide a significant performance boost to a computer. However, they can also be expensive. It is important to choose an accelerator card that is compatible with your computer and that is designed for the task you need it to perform.

All these years of Gmail existence, if there’s one thing that Google should have implemented long ago was the ability to select all the emails in one go — easily — on mobile devices. 9to5Google has reported that Google is finally adding a new ‘Select All’ button in Gmail’s Android app.
Gmail Select All button is now rolling out
9to5Google has reported that Google has started rolling out the Select All button in the Android version of the Gmail app.
The feature, as per the report, is available in Gmail for Android version 2023.08.20.561750975 of the app on Pixel smartphones and Galaxy devices running both Android 13 and Android 14 operating systems. This means, that the feature is not Android version dependent and may become available even in older versions in future or upon full rollout.
However, the feature is a server-side change which means it may and may not appear to all users at once.
The report mentions that users will start seeing the new Select All button when selecting multiple emails from the Inbox. Now, this isn’t a new feature after all. The web version of Gmail has had this feature for a while now.
The good thing is that Google is finally making it available on the mobile app as well. This will make things easier for users to manage their Inboxes on their phones and quickly clean their inboxes when it’s needed.
However, there’s a limit in terms of number of emails you can select at a time. The report mentions that users can only select a maximum of 50 emails at a time using the Select All feature. This isn’t something to be worried about as the web version also lets users select up to 50 emails only.

On September 22, the “Right To Excellence – Tech Summit 2023” was organised by The Times of India in New Delhi. The event was captivating as experts from different industries shared their perspectives on the revolutionary impact of technology. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, delivered the keynote address. One of the sessions at the event was ‘GameTech: Future of Gaming Industry’. The session had two speakers — Paavan Nanda, the CEO and founder of Winzo Games, and Sumanta Dey, Senior Director of Public Policy at A23 Games.
In the last few months, there has been a lot of furore over online gaming, especially around platforms that ‘allow’ betting and wagering. The government of India has new rules around online gaming and especially around betting. The rules were introduced earlier this year and it was a topic that garnered a lot of attention in the panel discussion. Nanda of Winzo games said that, “There’s enough clarity now and the rules will provide stability of regulation.” He also said that there is level playing field now for all kinds of games.
The smartphone penetration across the country has given mobile gaming a huge boost, said Dey. He also said that it was the tier-II and tier-III cities which are driving growth in the mobile gaming industry. The smartphone penetration across the country has given mobile gaming a huge boost. This is because smartphones are now more affordable and accessible than ever before. In addition, the quality of mobile games has also improved significantly in recent years. As a result, mobile gaming is now a popular pastime for people of all ages, from children to adults.
Dey also said that it was the tier-II and tier-III cities which are driving growth in the mobile gaming industry. This is because the people in these cities are increasingly using smartphones for entertainment and leisure activities. In addition, the cost of living in these cities is lower than in the tier-I cities, which makes it more affordable for people to spend money on mobile games.
Overall, the growth of the mobile gaming industry in India is being driven by a number of factors, including the increasing affordability of smartphones, the improvement in the quality of mobile games, and the growing popularity of mobile gaming in tier-II and tier-III cities.

Meta is gearing up to introduce a new generative AI chatbot called “Gen AI Personas”. This chatbot is aimed at younger audiences and will have multiple “personas” that will engage with young users through vibrant behaviour, reportedly set to be introduced during this week’s Meta Connect.
According to reports, Meta has already tested similar chatbot personas on Instagram, but those were designed for general users. Meanwhile, these bots are designed to engage users and may have productivity skills such as coding assistance.
The Wall Street Journal has reported that Meta has over a dozen different chatbot personas coming, including a “sassmaster general” inspired by Bender from Futurama, with superior intelligence sharp wit, and biting sarcasm. Then, there is another one, the overly inquisitive “Alvin the Alien.”
In one instance, the “sassmaster general” responded to a question with “Bring me your questions, but don’t expect any sugar-coated responses!” along with a robot emoji. Meanwhile, an raised concern that the latter persona, the “Alvin the Alien” was designed to collect personal information.
Meghana Dhar, former executive at both Snap and Instagram, notes that chatbots do not come across as a Gen Z thing but Gen Z is more comfortable with newer technology. She further added that the primary objective of Meta with chatbots, as with any new product, is to keep users engaged for longer periods of time in order to have an increased opportunity to serve them ads.
Additionally, there was a particularly problematic chatbot, Gavin, that reportedly made misogynistic remarks, replying, “When you’re with a girl, it’s all about the experience. And if she’s barfing on you, that’s definitely an experience.” Then, an employee found Bob the robot rude and unhelpful.
Meta may release different chatbots than those tested, according to sources. Asides the pre-created personas, Meta is also working on a tool that would allow celebrities to make chatbots for their fans.

The Apple iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, is now available for purchase in India. Those interested can buy the phones from the official Apple online store, Apple Stores in Mumbai and Delhi as well as other retail outlets. iPhone 15 models is being made available in India on the same day it is available in mature markets like the US and Europe.
While this has been happening for the past few years, it will be the first time that ‘Made in India’ iPhones are available on sale day in other regions, and IT minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar has hailed this move.
“Another India milestone today,” the IT minister said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.
“Tremendous feat for PM Narendra Modi ji’s visionary PLI Scheme. Apple ‘s latest #MakeInIndia iPhone 15 now available across the country on the first day, simultaneously with its global launch. Indians [are] now accessing the latest products without waiting,” he said.

Chandrasekhar also said that the government expects the iPhone 15 to be exported from India to the world soon. “Congratulations, Team Apple,” he said.
iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro series price in India
The Apple iPhone 15 price in India starts at Rs 79,900; iPhone 15 Plus at Rs 89,900; iPhone 15 Pro from Rs 1,34,900 and iPhone 15 Pro Max from Rs 1,59,900.
Apple is giving Rs 6,000 instant savings on eligible HDFC Bank cards to those who want to get their hands on the pro models. If you want to buy the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 15 Plus, there’s an instant discount of Rs 5,000 on eligible HDFC Bank cards.
Buyers can maximise their savings by using the trade-in program where buyers can choose to exchange their old smartphones and get an instant credit. Apple is offering up to Rs 67,000 for trading in the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Tesla CEO and X owner (formerly Twitter) Elon Musk seems to be following Apple CEO Tim Cook closely on his platform, X. Musk has been quite prompt in responding to Cook’s recent posts on Apple’s latest-generation iPhones – iPhone 15 series.
“World-renowned photographers Stephen Wilkes and Reuben Wu show us creativity is limitless with iPhone 15 Pro Max. Their vivid photos display breathtaking views from the beauty of summer in Rhode Island to the other-worldly deserts of Utah. Thank you for showing me your work🙏🏻,” posted Cook on Friday, September 22. To this Musk replied, “The beauty of iPhone pictures & video is incredible.”

Later in the day Cook shared another post, which as Apple fans would know is his almost every year tradition for the day the new iPhones go on sale – photos of and with the first day buyers of new Apple devices at Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store.
“Loved celebrating our incredible new lineup of products today at Apple Fifth Avenue. Around the world, the all-new iPhone 15 family, first carbon-neutral models of Apple Watch, and the latest AirPods are here, and they’ve never been more essential!,” posted Cook. To this one, Musk replied, “I’m buying one!”

It appears that Musk is quite pleased with Apple’s 2023 lineup of iPhones.
Apple CEO calls X an important platform
Recently, in an interview with CBS, Cook expressed mixed views about Musk’s X. He said that there are “some things about” X that he doesn’t like. Apple CEO called the platform’s apparent anti-semitism problem “abhorrent” but at the same time added that Twitter is an important platform. “Twitter is an important property; I like the concept that it’s there for discourse”.

Popular domestic fintech platform, Paytm has announced a Travel Carnival for users who are looking forward to travelling during the upcoming long weekends. The Paytm Travel Carnival Salewill be live from September 22-24 for users. With a long weekend around the corner (September 30 to October 2)Paytm has come up with a sale for users who haven’t booked their tickets yet.The exclusive travel sale will provide users with an opportunity to plan their long weekend accordingly.
Paytm Travel Carnival: Offers and more
Paytm is offering flat 15% off up to Rs 1,000 on all domestic carries which includes -– IndiGo, AirAsia, Akasa, SpiceJet, Vistara and Air India. With ICICI credit card, users can avail up to 12% off with promo code ‘ICICICC’. For users of RBL Credit Card, there is a flat 15% off on promo code ‘FLYRBL’. On train ticket bookings, users can book tickets with the advantage of zero service & payment gateway charges. If there’s any change in travel plans, users can also avail 100% refund on flight, bus and train tickets with Free Cancellation.
Moreover, for bus travellers, the live bus tracking services can enable users to travel at ease and stress-free. This tool also allows users to share the real-time location of their booked bus with their loved ones. Also, under Paytm’s Best Price Guaranteed, Paytm assures users of the lowest price across 2,500 bus operators.

Paytm is driving flexibility for users with multiple payment options – Paytm UPI, Paytm Wallet, Paytm Postpaid, net banking, debit and credit cards. The company is the preferred online platform for travel bookings and is an International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited travel agent. Paytm is the authorised partner of the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and has empowered its users with a train ticket booking experience. It provides a seamless experience with free cancellation and refunds as well as travel insurance.
A Paytm spokesperson said, “As India’s digital payments and leading financial services company, we have empowered users with convenient and hassle-free travel booking options. For the coming long weekends, we are offering exciting discounts to ensure that our users can spend time with their loved ones and make their weekends worthwhile.”

Google-owned video platform announced several new AI-powered tools for creators at its annual ‘Made on YouTube’ event. Among the features coming in the next few months are AI-generated photo and video backgrounds, AI video topic suggestions, and music search.
At the ‘Made On YouTube’ event, the company unveiled a suite of AI-powered capabilities that will help creators and artists create, edit, and share content in new ways. These include
Dream and Create the AI ways
Dream Screen: A new generative AI feature for YouTube Shorts. It will allow creators to add AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their Shorts simply by typing an idea into a prompt. With Dream Screen, creators will be able to generate new settings for their Shorts. .
YouTube Create: To help anyone to create and share videos right to YouTube, the platform has launched a new mobile app called YouTube Create. It is claimed to be designed to empower creators to get started with a suite of production tools to edit their Shorts, longer videos, or both. The app offers video editing tools including precision editing and trimming, automatic captioning, voiceover capabilities and access to a library of filters, effects, transitions and royalty-free music with beat matching technology so that creators can produce their next YouTube video without relying on complex editing software.
YouTube claimed that it consulted with more than 3,000 creators in the process of building YouTube Create. The app is currently in beta on Android in select markets including the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Korea, and Singapore, YouTube Create is free of charge.
Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Today we shared new updates that will help creators and artists push the boundaries of creative expression — by making the difficult things simple and impossible dreams possible. Making it easier for creators anywhere to create content they love is core to YouTube’s commitment to putting creative power into the hands of billions of people. Today is the start of a new era of creativity. We can’t wait to see what our incredible community of creators and artists make on YouTube.”